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MFG Part Number: 380AMBK
UPC: 07059113992736
This holster has been hand crafted and finely stitched in our local Texas workshop. These holsters are the perfect fit when you’d rather an OWB versus an IWB holster. – Our Leather OWB Holsters are made out of the highest quality drum dyed heavy duty English Bridle leather. Leather that has been drum dyed as ours have offer additional protection when it inevitably becomes blemished. Our leather unlike other companies isn’t just painted with a top coat of dye our leather is dyed all the way throughout ensure that any scratches remain the same color as the original piece! – Don’t forget that because our OWB holsters are made of leather whereas most are made of nylon it will last SIGNIFICANTLY longer than your traditional holster. Nylon holsters fray and rip with time other materials can be too stiff and not allow the the holster to contour to you or your firearm. Leather is the perfect material wherin it is both flexible and extremely durable! – Our innovative design also ensures that your magazine release will not be impeeded or affected by the hoslter. – With 2 colors to choose from Black or Brown and at an extremely minimal .15 lbs it will feel as if you are carrying nothing additional at all. – We have several size models to choose from so you can ensure a proper fit no matter what you carry! Our innovative design ensures that your magazine release will not be impeeded or affected by the hoslter. – High Quality Drum Dyed English Bridle Leather in Black or Brown – Finely Stitched & Crafted – Minimal Size & Weighs only .15 lbs – Specially Designed to ensure no snags when reholstering – Good for anywhere you wish to OWB Carry!


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